Work, Health, Safety and Environment

At Solid Engineering we are proud of our excellent safety record and together we strive to achieve zero harm!

Solid Engineering has engaged WHSE consultancy company Howsafe to assist in the development, implementation, training and ongoing use of our robust WHSE or Work Health Safety and Environment program. Together we have developed a program that is not only tailored to our business needs, but also meets the needs of the governments acts and legislations.

The Howsafe Work Health and Safety Management System developed for Solid Engineering includes the following attributes:

  • All documents are quality controlled with version numbers, production and approval dates in an easy-to-read format. Change management processes are embedded in the system to assist this document control.
  • A Work Health and Safety Manual and Safety Management Plan has been developed in order to reflect changes in codes of practice, legislation and application of benchmarking best practices, thereby confirming efficient and effective compliance with the statutory obligations.
  • Safe Work Practices (SWPs) and corresponding Safe Work Method Statements (SWMSs) to confirm relevant an appropriate risk management procedure has been implemented to address safe work tasks within the business. These are all linked online and are available through any mobile device, tablet or PC, providing ease of access to documents referenced.
  • The WHS Management System also embraces advances in technology and has led to significant improvement in the WHS management processes including;
  • Online WHS Induction: Work Health & Safety inductions for all workers and contractors are required pursuant to the relevant state’s WHS legislation and Regulations.
  • WHS Implementation: A Safety Talk Implementation Plan has been compiled for The SOLID ENGINEERING. Each month, managers and supervisors receive an email notification of the scheduled requirements for that month’s safety talks, along with all documentation required. Incidental and/or site specific WHS issues may also be raised during this delivery process.
  • Contractor Engagement: Another vital component of the business’ WHS compliance obligations is contractor engagement. Pursuant to the directives issued within the WHS legislation, the business has the same responsibilities to contractors as it does to its workers.